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€630.00 - €3,615.00

Peter Coombs Eyewear

Inspiration for my work is found in everyday life and most importantly in the people that I meet and the ideas and interactions that ensue.

My mission is to deliver unique art, lively expression and a subtle confidence to those who choose to enhance their own personality with the Peter Coombs flavour. I don’t believe that my art is for everyone which is why it is so rewarding to connect with those who subscribe to my vision.

I think of Peter Coombs eyewear as ‘Jewellery for the Face’. All pieces are limited and rare if not one-off designs and many have been the result of private commissions over the years. Some I have just made because I needed to prove that I could.

This is my art. All frame design and construction starts and finishes with me - at my bench - in my studio - in Adelaide, South Australia.