Lilly Lunettes' was born from our passion for spectacles.

Spectacles are fantastic objects. We wear them, they make us more friendly and approachable, frame our emotions and define our innermost personalities, strong and weak, secure and insecure, fun or serious. They are tailored to our faces and define who we are and who we want to be. They are no longer just to improve our sight, but are now a statement and a way for us to express ourselves without speaking.

Our choice is for a particular type of spectacle. Not the usual mass produced, everyone has type, but the best from around the world. Unique pieces, crafted with the care and attention which we demand, together with professional eye-wear specialists who have generously decided to share with you their most stylish selections and help you to transform your face into a mirror of your true self.

If you wish to become a our partner please contact us and help us to give people the choice that they deserve. The choice to reflect who they are through the glasses they wear.

You will be with us and everything will become magical, a magical choice!

a Lillylunettes' choice!