€240.00 - €1,215.00

Vintage and Special



Movitra glasses are born from a practical need, they protect lenses from shocks. The idea of creating a simple and practical system that, in precise arrangements like a traditional glass, allows you to rotate part of the lens and close the auctions to protect the lenses. The Movitra have several patented world-wide systems, unique goggles



Fluxus was an avant-garde art movement that emerged in the late 1950s as a group of artists who had become disenchanted with the elitist attitude they perceived in the art world at the time. Almost every avant-garde artist of the time took part in Fluxus, including Joseph Beuys, Dick Higgins, Alice Hutchins, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik. These artists looked to Futurists and Dadaists for inspiration.