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€420.00 - €480.00

Covrt Project

Founded in a design studio in London by Marcello Martino, Covrt Project represents the first real standalone eyewear brand designed by a specialist frame designer for streetwear connoisseurs.

Drawing inspiration from across the globe, the label sets out to highlight the perception of eyewear as a fashion accessory in a collection which embraces new technologies, advanced materials and state-of-the-art details culminating in outstanding aesthetics and unrivalled functionality.

Covrt Project’s launch collection _Mission One for SS20 is conceived through the design of a single, unique visor, with high-tech, quality focused constructions in milled steel or Mazzucchelli acetate. From a first, inspired digital sketch in 2018, the development of the first collection has represented a personal journey for the Creative Director who felt challenged to design an impactful collection for himself and his circle of friends that would perfectly fit their individual style and perspective - beyond all other existing, overtly branded products.