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€390.00 - €510.00

Brevno Eyewear

BREVNO is our way to share the harsh beauty of Siberia. 
Siberia is powerful rivers and dense taiga, hot summers and frosty winters, big cities and great people, freedom and space, strength and joy. 
In the heart of Siberia, we do things that tell the world about our land.
It is important for us that orders for BREVNO glasses come to Krasnoyarsk from different cities of Russia, from the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Korea and other countries.
We are pleased that the musicians Limp Bizkit, Die Antwoord, Sunsay and Sergey Babkin took with them from Krasnoyarsk not fridge magnets and birch-bark baskets, but BREVNO brand clothes.
This means that we are doing everything right.