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In 2013, architect Martin Lesjak co-founded with designer Anastasija Lesjak the product design firm 13&9 in Graz, Austria. The te- am’s cooperation with specialist partners has led to creating collections from concept through production in scopes of lighting, furniture, floor coverings, fashion, accessories, exhibition, and sound design. The creative community is both a design studio for international companies – BuzziSpace, Mohawk Group, Quinze & Milan, Lande, Artifort, Wever & Ducré, XAL, and VITEO Outdoors – and its own label which produces and sells their own products. With its label, 13&9 is committed to creating products with small-scale and local manufacturers, with the aim to support creative growth in the immediate area and encourage responsible environmental practices. Issues like modularity, compatibility, flexibility, and transformation are key to the development of new concepts in order to bring forth a variety of possible uses and foster creativity through individualized solutions. The overall re- sults are unique designs that combine functional necessities and innovations with conceptual aesthetics, which also offer an emotional component, “the soul,” adding value to the product. Using a transdisciplinary approach, 13&9 has received numerous awards, been featured in many publications, and exhibited their diverse works internationally.



The Geometric Collection “Diamond Shades” is the result of a gathering of creative minds – with their individual history, back- ground and approach to design. 13&9, an internationally award winning design collective with core skills in the fields of product and fashion design, consisting of Martin Lesjak and Anastasija Lesjak as well as Martin Lasnik, optician and eyewear designer. The opening release of the Geometric Collection is called “Diamond Shades” – a limited edition collection with distinct contours and facets, produced with high-end quality craftsmanship, made in Austria. Diamond Shades recently won a Product Design Red Dot Award 2015 and the A’ Design Award 2015.

Beyond the mainstream, the Diamond Shades are constructed with geometric precision strictly using converging lines, creating symmetry and optimizing the relationship between angles and edges. Designed to individualize the wearer’s face, this collection demonstrates the synergy between a contemporary design concept and complex manufacturing. The work relies on the inter- play between architecturally-inspired forms and fashion object and explores the contrasts between masculinity and femininity in the point of the shape and the surface.

The eyewear is designed with CAD programs and then produced using modern CNC technology and handcraftsmanship. The cellulose acetate frames are first cut with a CNC machine and then undergo rough milling to create the contours and facets, followed by rough grinding to further define the frame. The final step, following sandblasting or grinding by hand, is carefully hand polishing the frames which creates the distinct matte finish for men and special high-gloss look for women. Custom made flat lenses are produced exclusively for this collection.