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Peter Coombs Cargo 2

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Cargo 3 was part of a series of frames I designed whilst hanging out a very club in my home town called the Cargo Club.

It was an Electro Funk Jazz Dance club.

Every night was a new and different offering.


Cargo III is constructed from Sterling Silver, Anodised Aluminium and Ebony


All retrospective frames are constructed to be worn and loved.

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To describe the alchemy of Peter Coombs’ imaginative eyewear, you’ll find the words not only in the austere principles of design, but also in the broader realms of storytelling, architecture, art making, mythology, engineering, history and culture. These are frames that conjure their power from a more ingenious place, fearlessly surpassing the boundaries of function to forge themselves into existence in an expressive field of vision dappled with humor, poetry and dreams.
— Gai Gherardi, l.a.Eyeworks

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