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€735.00 - €765.00


In search of an eyewear brand that parallels an elite lifestyle along with the tireless hunt for spectacles that pay tribute to the world’s most innovative and exclusive machines, Tyler Henri was driven to create a purist exotic lifestyle brand… a brand that flows harmoniously with the vanity fair of indulging in hyper cars, super yachts, and jumbo jets… thus innovating a new ultra-chic brand offering the world’s most luxurious and meticulously crafted eyewear pieces.

Having worn and studied eye pieces designed by Tommy O’Gara, Tyler and Tommy connected. With Tyler’s vision and creative direction paralleled with Tommy from the Light’s extensive design and manufacturing expertise, a scrutinizing 3-year process began …. it’s sole mission—to assemble the most dynamic luxury eyewear collection available in the world, the Monaco Series.

Thus born, T HENRI is an ultra luxury, micro-production eyewear brand inspired by the world’s most prized possessions